Tools and Equipments

Generator, Water Pump Petrol, Water Pump, Pedestal Fan, Chain Saw, Vi-brator Machine, Concrete Helicopter, Vaccum Cleaner, Compactor, Steel Bar Cutter, Block Cutter, Bolt Cutter, Table Saw, PPR Welding Machine, High Pressure Washer, Bolt, Nuts, Screws, Tool Box with Tools, Socket Spanner set, Crimping & Wire Strapper, PPR Wire Cutter, Adjustable Span-ner, Comb. Ratchet Spanner, Silicon Gun, Pliers, Cable Puller, Copper Tube Cutter, Hole Saw Cutter, HSS Steel Bit, Allen Key Set, Knife Cutter, Flaring Tools, Ladder, Ladder Straight, Scaffolding Tag, Scaffolding Clamp, Plat-form Trolly, Hyd. Pallet Truck, Caster Wheel, Chair & Wheel Spacer, Diesel Pump, D Shackle, Wire Rope Clamp, PVC-Packing Strips, GI Wire Rope, Packing Machine, Garbage Bin, Jerry Can, Tool Box, 3 Jaw Puller, Box Spanner Set, Ball Joint Extractor, Tire Inflator, 3 Leg Oil Filter Wrench, Force Clamp 3 ton, Fiber Glass Hammer, Pickup Tools, Denting Tool Set, Piston Ring, Bearing puller, Piston Ring Plier, Valve Spring Compressor, Oil Filter Wrench, Air Compressure, Hyd. Fllor Jack, Cylinder Trolly, Air Guage, Welding Machine, Bench Vice, Bench Grinder, Crane Jack, Hyd. Coil Com-pressure, Lever Hoist, Bearing Puller, Garagr Trolly, Denting Tool Set,Grease Gun, Air Impact Wrench, Diesel Washing Gun, Hose Reel, Reinforced Hose, Yellow Garden hose, Suction Hose, Flat Hose, Garden Trimmer, Spandle, Pick Axe, Hand Shovel, Garden Spoon, Garden rack, Garden Scissor, Sickle, Bottle Spar, Chemical Spray etc..


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